Elektra Indie

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INDIE is a project that can give great satisfaction to baristas. His world are the professionals of Specialty Coffee, coffee lovers and any trendy local. The content of technology, the ergonomic part and the usability study allow to the more demanding baristas to express themselves to the best of their ability. Their personal interpretation of preparing the Espresso will be then independent by all that, until now, has not been a free choice.
Culture, artistic feeling, discipline, perception, talent; these are the energies released by INDIE


INDIE manages each group independently. All the functions are accessible by a color touch screen display.

INDIE manage the temperature of the group, the coffee dose
adjustment and the infusion time, all this in real time through an intelligent touch-screen display.

INDIE manage the brewing temperature control on each group independently, with accuracy and rapidity never achieved before thanks to a very reduced thermal inertia.

INDIE provides a patented brewing group water infusion preheating system that gives full control of the temperature directly on the group.